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MARIA GROUP INTERNATIONAL are official partners in the factories in China and South Korea. We have eight factories in four different provinces of Mainland China. Six Factories are dedicated to the manufacturing of Electronics and electrical items. The production line is immensely vast, manufacturing variety of electrical items like LED Lights, Mobile Batteries, Power Banks, Alarm Electronic Security Locks, Solar Panels, Solar Equipments and Solar Power Stations, Water Purification Equipments etc. Our manufactured electrical and electronics products are exported to USA, UK, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Europe, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Middle East and Africa. Another factory manufacture synthetic wood, the waste plastic Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is recycled and used for many purposes like flooring, decking, siding panels, patio furniture, fence, planks and much more and It is waterproof and provides protection from Sun. Our Glass factory manufactures a variety of glass products. Our major lines of productions are Tiffany style Stained Glass Art works, Tiffany Stained Glass Ancient style lamps, Glass Candle Holders, Hand Painted Glass Portraits and other Glass Decoration items. We ensure that every single piece of art we make is a violent blend of ancient history embedded with modern technology.Our partner factories in South Korea are completely dedicated to the production of Solar Panels, Solar Equipments and Solar Power Stations. We strictly adhere to the European, USA and GCC quality standards and our products meet the certification requirements for export to any country.