Perfect Link General Trading is the Food Commodities Trading division established in the United Arab Emirates by MARIA GROUP INTERNATIONAL (

Established in 2009, Perfect Link General Trading is a dynamic and growing business with a diversity of operations with companies from different parts of the world. Perfect Link General Trading is a solutions-driven agent and distributor for a number of manufacturers worldwide supplying high quality food commodities. Our activities are focused on the development and utilization of resources and operations in order to yield benefits to the community and sustainable growth.

Our Parent company MARIA GROUP INTERNATIONAL (MGI) is providing consultancy services and facilitates finance to governments for purchase of high volume food products. Our parent company is one of the leading global supplier for food products worldwide with our own and associate farms and plantations in different countries plus long term contractual agreements and exclusive mandate with the leading farm manufactures of different food products in South America, Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, CIS countries and Far East. Our parent company also facilitates funding to governments for purchase of food products based on sovereign guaranty or international prime bank guarantee or any UAE based bank’s guarantee.

We are promoters of world ecology, farming and supply of organic food products worldwide. Our CIS together with our group companies and consortium partner companies together are all dedicated for world ecology and sustainability.

We are committed to providing innovative solutions, an excellent range of products and dedicated support to all our customers. Our vision is to be the largest organic food manufacturer and supplier at an affordable price reaching all segments of the society worldwide.

As the world enters an era where resources, services, and other basic needs for continuity and sustainable development must be carefully planned, utilized and consumed, it is important that global standards  in the management of resources are implemented effectively. A promising future, where communities can grow, develop and succeed within a nurturing and supporting environment, are core values for Perfect Link General Trading.

At Perfect Link General Trading, we believe that it is important to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of how things are done and which cover all aspects of the society and the people in general, establishing a flourishing and promising lifestyle, which in turn will lead to better personal productivity, benefits, and thus a contribution back to that community and the country.

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